Wood Jewel Design

Wood Jewel is a company in Finnish Lapland, Kolari, that produces handcrafts mainly from wood and reindeer antler. Wood Jewel uses a large variety of different woods in their woodwork, such as birch (also heat treated), curly birch, burl of the birch and great sallow's root burl. From our shop you can find various products of their wide repertuary, such as knives, camping products and wooden ­and reindeer antler jewels. The products of Wood Jewel suit as souvenirs or gifts – for private customers, but also for enterprises.


Hornwork - Jewel and art handcrafts of Ari and Irene Kangasniemi

In our shop we also offer products of the local craftsmen Irene and Ari Kangasniemi. Their products represent the cultural heritage of Lapland at its best. For instance, the shamandrums, that are accurate imitations of the original ones, and the hand hammered damascus knives that have been produced with the traditional style of Lapland invite collectors to pass by. Kangasniemi fosters renewable natural sources in their handcrafts, such as reindeer antler, reindeer skin, bark, dry pine and burls.



Roselli is one of the most well­known knife makers in Finland. We offer his hand­made products with three types of blades: traditional carbon steel, UHC (ultra­high carbon steel) and damascus. UHC, developed by Roselli himself can be applied for treating fishes, meat, vegetables and fruits due to its property not to in­oxidate. ”Sharpness brings the safety. Endurance brings the usability”, as one of the master chefs commented Roselli's knives. In our selection one can find also axes. The knives of Roselli offer quality for quality seeking hunters, fishermen and kitchen professionals.



Veico Ltd, a family company, was established in 2001. Finnish Veico creates wooden products from Finnish wood. From our large selection one finds moomin products, a variety of sauna thermometers, coasters, magnets, tube presses, tea and coffee bag closers and pot guards. Veico has been granted with a Design from Finland mark which indicates the Finnish origin of high-quality design.



Kuksa is a traditional wooden cup of Lapland. Ecological kuksa does not burden the nature in any part of it's lifecycle: it is made of renewable natural source, it must be cleaned only with water and it biodegrades in nature. All the kuksas in our shop are made in a traditional way that fosters the wood and makes it durable. The wood is boiled hours in salted water in order to release the tension of the wood. In this way the wood is easier to handle. The taste of salt in the first few coffees is a sign of a genuine lappish kuksa. In our selection one can find various models and types of kuksas from different craftsmen. All the kuksas are classic Lapland's handcrafts and most of them are made in the near surroundings of Rovaniemi.

Kupilka dishes also for sale. Kupilka is made of recycled plastic and wood fiber (composite material). Differently from normal kuksas, Kupilka's kuksas and other dishes can be washed with the detergent, even in a dishwasher. Green, red and brown models. We also have Kupilka's special jackknife model. The knife has inox blade and handle is made of the same composite material than the dishes.



We offer various local groceries, high­class meat conserves from the Ounasjoki riverside (such as bear and reindeer), jams, sauces, cyrups, herbal drinks and teas. All our groceries are 100% Finnish, most of them from Lapland (except the teas).


Clothes and Accessories

Antin Merja

Antin Merja is a company that produces traditional clothing of Lapland. Antin Merja uses fleece as their main raw material. The classic, nordic patterns in cloths create uniqueness of Lapland and Antin Merja's clothing represents the functional elegance of North.

Helvi Juujärvi

Textile and clothing sector's artisan Helvi Juujärvi creates unique decoration textiles and objects for homes. The wonderful scales of colors and themes are reflections from the surrounding nature of Lapland. Helvi Juujärvi uses sheep's merino woll in her work and spices them with the silk and linen.

From our shop you can also find high­-quality socks, t­-shirts, textiles for sauna and kitchen, wollen products, inside shoes, bags and hand felted products.



Happy birthday 100 years old Tove Jansson! In this year of celebration we decided to widen our Moomin repertuary. Finnish company Veico produces wooden Moomin products, such as coffee and tea bag closers, tube presses and door tags that bring joy for mundane life. A wide selection of ”Tove 100 years old” collector items. From each bought Moomin soft toy UNICEF donates 1 euro to  education programmes around the globe.


Soft toys

Reindeers, elks, huskies, foxes, polar bears... you name it! Soft toys without age limits, in almost any size you prefer. Also pillows for having a nice nap or for decorating a house. Get yourself a sleeping mate and enjoy Lapland every night!